Friday, January 30, 2015

More Old Glory

Yesterday a parcel arrived in the post.  On the front was a label "19th Century Miniatures".  Oh no, I announced to my family, a box of Tony Abbotts.

It's great that our PM has become a laughing stock as I can now get away with more than usual.  This shipment of Old Glory figures for instance.  They were ordered 26 December and arrived 29 January from Old Glory 15s.  I was lucky as when ordered the dollar still had some value. The figures are some of what I need for Waterloo (and then some).

Not bad for $100, including postage.

I already have a few AB British generals and now probably have more than enough, except I'm missing some personalities.  Where's the man in the top hat with an umbrella?

These I love - Prussian wounded.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them (I have a few ideas for status markers), but I'm glad I've got them.

Nassau infantry.  Turns out to be perfect for what I need (more on that later)

Hanoverian Militia.  Lovely poses, but perhaps a bit too well turned out for militia.  About half of what I need so I will have to have a think about how to proceed.  I do have a lovely casualty pack of ABs that I think I maybe able to mix in.

I didn't think I needed more Prussians, but the Waterloo list calls for slightly more than I had and I read a recommendation for this pack somewhere.  They will do fine, although they look like they are wearing covered shakos rather than caps.

Here are the Nassau all cleaned up.  There are slightly more than the 24 figures I need for the 1st Nassau and the 20 figures I need for the 2nd.  The pack is great in that just the right amount come with shoulder rolls for the 1st and epaulets for the 2nd, a;though there are no voltigeur figures (but the distinction is minor).  Anyway, they are now washed and ready for undercoat.


  1. A great haul of figures, Waterloo seems to be in at the moment


  2. Are you going to have them painted in time?

    1. The simple answer is no. I hope to have the Nassau painted - about to undercoat first batch today.

  3. A very fine haul. Im about to order some Baccus Naps today before their prices go up and before the Canuck Buck drops any more - if the Aussie dollar is falling in value, it has company. It looks like our oil-fuelled orgy is over and our dollar will fall back to about 80 cents or less on the US dollar and maybe half of the pound sterling if we're lucky. Yech.
    I am planning on doing Waterloo as well, only with many brightly coloured pieces of cardboard.

    1. There is an SPI game, Wellington's Victory, that I have played a bit. Not sure how it has aged. I will definitely play their Napoleon's Last Battles.