Saturday, January 10, 2015

Catch the Yellow Bird

My first game for 2015 at the NWS was a Wings of Glory encounter between a Fokker D.VII and an Albatross D.II played by Stephan N and a two Bristol F.2b Fighters played by Mark B and myself.  All models and fixtures and fitting were from Stephan N's collection.

The shooting starts, but I'm not there yet.
 (I'm playing the Bristol Fighter in the solid green paint scheme)

The Hands of God.  
Often our games turn into more of a photo frenzy with hands, cameras and flashes going everywhere.

The Yellow Bird.
The superior German fighter that was our primary target.

The Albatross starts smoking.

My colleague explodes.  He had been flying well and getting in good shots, but you can never escape a catastrophic hit.  Score one for the Fokker.

I get lucky and the Fokker catches fire, never a good thing when you are 4,000 feet up.

A few more passes and I get my first kill, ending the Yellow Bird's career.

With engine damage I head home.  The Albatross had been very lucky (but that is a 4 damage card that it is obscuring).  There were lots of gun jams as well.

Fun game and great for a club night.

Leader Board

This is unofficial and I'm really just trying to see what one might look like.  

The deaths are unconfirmed - probably should be MIA.

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