Sunday, January 4, 2015


I was so inspired by this post that when I saw a pack on sale at Milsims I decided to take the plunge.  As it was Xmas and people (well, one person) was asking what to get me I gave them the box to give back to me and pocketed the money.


I'd already looked inside and was sadly not impressed.  I knew there was just seven figures, but I expected more game aids and information.  There was one card.  One.

As the card says, AIN'T WORTH SPIT

Hopefully my disappoint will wear off and I will be inspired to paint them up in the second half of this year.

And just to give my benefactor a bit of a plug, here is an example of her artwork and a link to a cause she is working hard to support.


  1. Desperados?....well serves :o) you right...trying something different?

    1. I've always liked The Wild West. I probably should stick to playing Red Dead Redemption on the PlayStation. I have three seasons of Deadwood saved up for motivation.

  2. Pity. At least the figures look good ... or are they?
    That artwork is interesting.
    Best for the new year, if it's not too late to say that.

    1. The figures look good I must admit. I'm just not used to 28mm metal prices I guess, although I really thing it was the lack of game components that spooked me. If it was just figures I was getting I would have looked around a bit.

      Alli is a wonderful artist (and I'm not just saying that cause she's my partner's sister).

      So far, so good with the New Year.