Sunday, January 4, 2015

Old Glory

On a more positive note, this was a selfie Xmas present:

Mainly Austrian and Russian cavalry and artillery, but with a few French in there (including some AB Young Guard).  This will really help build up my forces and will be a joy to make up and paint.

The challenge will be to see that they don't reside on lead mountain too long.

These were surplus to my friend Richard's requirements and he gave me a great deal on the lot.

I also have more Old Glory on order (hopefully in the post) that well meet some immediate Waterloo 2015 requirements.


  1. A grand purchase SoY!
    Look forward to seeing them come together All the best for 2015!

  2. Awesome project to work on during the year or perhaps completed before June 2015(1815) waterloo anniversary?

    keep us up to date with your 1815 work


  3. Looks like your going to have some painting to do this year. Last year a painted a huge amount of Austrians for your Leipzig. Only to find out they weren't needed..

    Will be watching your progress