Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mustering forces for Waterloo - Part 1

I am attempting to stage the battle of Waterloo using Napoleon's Battles as part of the NWS events for the bicentenary.  It is a challenge.

After the printed map to use as terrain, my next breakthrough came when Martin S advised me he had some troops based for Napoleon's Battles.  He brought them in to show me and I figured the easiest thing to do was photograph them.

What will be 16BrHHC, 16BrHC and two by 16BrLC with 12BrHC spare.

Two by 24PtLN that might have to do for Dutch Belgians, eleven stands of highlanders (I think I can probably make Waterloo an all Highland event), fourteen BrLN, nine BrLT.

Two by 20BrLN and 16BrLT good to go.  About a dozen stands waiting to be flocked and three units in varying stages of construction.

Wellington, three corps and seven divisional commanders, eight batteries and some odds and sods.

Next is to check on what David B can provide.

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