Wednesday, December 31, 2014

51st (2nd Yorkshire West Riding) Light Infantry


So, for Xmas 2013 I treated myself to a heap of AB Miniatures that had been painted by Dragon Painting Services.  I might have gone for a different mix of units, but the deal was to good to pass on.

With this unit I have now rebased, repaired and tarted up all the figures.

The 72 British light infantry figures, unbased and being worked on.

The figures provide three units of 24.  Two I left in buff facings.

Not much work was required, although I did redo the shako ornaments (here is a before picture).

A few paint chips, but no broken bayonets.  In fact, no bayonets at all.

The third unit I did in the light green of the 51st and gave them a new flag.  Facings turned out nice and bright, but the flag I fluffed - using paper and PVA you only really get one chance to position and then the green paint I used didn't really match so I ended up painting a bit more than I intended.

In march column.

Column showing blotchy flag.

Fancy square with flag artfully hidden.

I like how the officer is posing for his photo.

For comparison purposes, this site has an amazingly well painted unit of ABs for this regiment:

Here is a pic from that site:

And here is the price tag:

Now it is full steam ahead on figures I'll be painting from scratch to make up the forces for Waterloo 2015.

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