Tuesday, December 16, 2014

52nd Light Infantry

On the home stretch now.  After this unit there are only three more to go and then I will have finished rebasing and tarting up last year's Xmas big buy.

Defending the hedge and reminding me I need a heap more hedges for Waterloo.

I picked up three sets of 24 of this painted unit.  I've rearranged the figures between the three.  I wanted a more heterogeneous look and like the way these guys have finished up looking "active" as light infantry should.

Marching up a sunken road perhaps.

Flag lifted from the Warflags site.

And to think I used to try and paint these flags by hand.

These guys were painted by Dragon Painting Service, all I have done is change the basing, done a few repairs to chipped paint, roughly over painted white on the buff webbing, changed the shako ornament and cockade and replaced the flag.

When I proudly showed them off to the family, my daughter liked the flag and my partner wanted to put them on eBay.


  1. Nice work, good to see you also coming to the end of a Nap's project


  2. I use the Warflags as well, especially for flags too complicated to do by hand. Nice unit you have there.

  3. Thanks everyone. Another batch coming up soon.