Sunday, December 21, 2014

FOG 2.0 Medieval Stoush

In a four player, 1200 point game today the Medieval Scots (Mark W and myself) medieval Germanic types (Michael and Richard).  I was commander of the Scot's left wing and after a brief promise, did no good at all.

It was hard to get a shot of the whole green field, but in the centre we had a fortified position which the enemy was proceeding to mask with their light troops.

The Scot's centre left.

The Scot's right.

The battle started very slowly.

My command on the far left.  It looked promising, I just had to get things lined up.

Those pesky enemy handgunners.  We had nothing to match them.

Big bad bombards couldn't hit a thing.

The Scot's left advancing and trying to line up.

French knights getting ready to charge, but timing is everything and it was proving tricky.

The Scot's right collapses.

My moment of glory as my longbow decimate the enemy knights.

The centre right fully engaged.

My longbow get ridden down.  They survived the impact, but were hopeless in the melee.

My line gets into contact, but all goes bad.

I'm normally a lucky player, but my luck deserted me this time.  Equally matched, we had four rolls each needing 4 or better.  I got none, my opponent got four.  So it goes.


  1. Great looking game, battle lines are very impressive!

    1. Thanks. The pike blocks and masses of Scot's spearmen were very impressive to look at.

  2. Longbow men, in any sets of rules, should always mow down cavalry (i.e. Knights :o)

    Great looking game and AAR!

    1. Thanks.

      On first volley I got four hits that removed a base and dropped the enemy a level. I think I got two more volleys in, but with no effect (even though I had 6 or 7 rolls needing a four or better). Worse the Knights recovered their morale. On impact I did five casualties but received six. It then all went down hill. My supporting flank troops were too far away and things collapsed too quickly for them to get in position.

  3. Bloody pikemen, nothing can resist them.
    I'm not even going to bother whingeing about crap dice rolls.
    Fun game though.

    1. The linear deployment and lack of maneuver room didn't give us much flexibility either. But certainly fun and wonderfully painted armies to game with. Thanks for making it happen.

    2. we have to do it again. What about getting Richard to host BC US vs Axis again?