Monday, December 15, 2014

ESCI Italian Alpini

I recently saw this post on Paul's Plastic Warriors blog and thought to myself, hey, I've painted up some of them.

One pack made one company for Crossfire.

Machine gun squad.  I like the bandaged head.  Looking at this photo I see that some of the paint has flaked off his boots and the green plastic is showing through.

The company commander trying to get me to focus on him.

I can't remember when I did these, but I recall researching to find a unit to base them on.  Better still I made a note under the Company Commander's stand.

How could I resist a name like Marcolini?

These marching guys in greatcoats and felt hats were another nice pose.  As can be seen I was having trouble with my camera when trying to take closeups of multiple figures. 

And the pack contained these two chaps.

I always thought I could use them as Forward Observors.


  1. They look great, really nice group- should get mine done really....



  2. Great work. Well done on these mate.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, chaps. I must try and get them into action.

  4. Very nice figures. I love the little hats, it makes them look like they're about to storm an Oktoberfest biergarten! Or maybe that says more about me and what I think about than about Alpini uniforms?

    1. Thanks Michael. Yeah the hats are great. I need to do some of the Bersaglieri one day.