Monday, December 22, 2014

52nd Light Infantry - But wait, there's more!

The next batch is finished.  I was going to try for a smoke effect, but my cotton wool just looked naff.

The first two photos are not in focus, but the third one has come out fine and you can see the great work Dragon Painting Services did on the faces.

The red on my printer is running out I guess as the flag looks a little washed out (and the red touch up I did stands out a bit).

My old faithful Triang railroad trees in the background.  Well, I think they are Triang.  They go back to the early 70s if not the 1960s.

Two units left to complete: 51st Foot and the 79th Highlanders.


  1. Marvelous looking unit!

    Hey Mark!...You say I inspire you to work on some DBA figures next year...well you and others, have inspired me to start up some Napoleonic's projects as well! (18mm AB miniatures)


  2. Thanks everyone. There are lots of lovely figures out there, but AB's have a classic clean line to them and really paint up a treat.