Saturday, April 15, 2017

Zvezda Dingo

I've really enjoyed the 1/76th scale Zvezda kits and so was keen to try one of the 1/100th scale models for my 15mm force.  This kit, along with the Cruiser IV I purchased at the same time, was a dream to put together.  The tank will take a little while to paint up but this little guy, all nine pieces of him, painted up real quick.  I was thinking about doing the unit signs and giving him a name (Ernie being the obvious one), but decided for now to keep things simple.

The model is very small.

Doesn't look small...

But it is.

Hard to get a good focus on it.


  1. The Zvezda 1/100 models are really quite good kits. They build quickly too. Did I mention inexpensive? About $3 per model.

    1. That would be $US3 I expect. $A8 here, which is over double.

    2. Yes, USD is my currency. That is quite a difference.

  2. always wondered about them, are they made of the same type of plastic as airfix etc or are they the same as "plastic soldiers?"