Saturday, April 15, 2017

Reaper Ghost

I painted this figure up really quick and then stalled over how I should varnish it.  Today I thought "damn the torpedos" (my mind still being on the ACW via War Between The States) and just gave the figure a light spray with Matt Varnish.  I think a heavy spray of the varnish tends to go to gloss, but I'm still experimenting.

From memory the flesh was just white with a wash.

$4.00 from Tactics.  Good buy.

This figure will form a base for my Generic Undead HotT army that I am conjuring.  Not sure if it is a Sneaker or a Lurker.  There will be a sabot base for it so I will make two so I can do either one.  I also need to read up on the rules to find out what the difference is.