Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chariots About Town

Tonight at the club I took part in one of Dave's chariot races.

It got very congested around the Old Mill.  
Dave's chariot is the greys on the left, I'm the duns on the right.

Oliver swerves off the field.  
Bringing up the rear is Brynden and Gareth.

And I'm off!

I'm really off!!!

The big picture.  
I'm at the very top of the board.
The other four are at the bottom.

I complete the first lap comfortably in the lead.

That dastardly Brynden has laid caltrops which slows me to a walk.

The others are catching up.

As I finally clear the caltrops, Brynden arrives throwing spears.
I successfully defend and chuck one back, but miss.

And then I'm off in a blur.
Gareth and Brynden both lose horses to the caltrops
and Oliver again swerves off the field.

I cross the finish line with Dave in pursuit.

Exhausted I retire for the night.  Thanks Dave for the fun game and providing all the scenery and models.


  1. Great race, thanks for sharing!

    1. I was trying to get Dave to give your rules ago, but he has a lot invested in his. I do note however that he pinched his latest ideas from your rules.