Monday, April 10, 2017

1Q 6x6

Initially I thought I'd do a monthly update on my progress, but realise I better settle on trying for a Quarterly update instead and be quick about it.  With the exception of Napoleon's Battles (which is a more involved game to set up, at least the way I play it), these games are all fairly easy to do taking only one to two hours (Impetus being the exception requiring around four).


Five games played.  Does not include Basic Impetus 2 games (of which I've played two)


Two games on the one day.

Napoleon's Battles 

No games yet...


One game.  Also obtained DBA 3.0.

Wings of Glory 

Four games so far.

Songs of Drums and Shakos 

Three games, two of which were Songs of Blades and Heroes.


  1. I counted your Basic Impetus games (so by my reckoning you're done with Impetus), but seem to have missed the DBA one - can you find the link for me please?

  2. That's a fair call on Basic Impetus.

    DBA game is here: