Thursday, April 27, 2017

War Between The States - Game Turns 39 to 48

Today we completed ten turns and two strategic cycles on SPI's monster boardgame, War Between The States.

McPherson secures Harper's Ferry,
but has a hard time making progress down the valley

The Confederates complete their withdrawal 
in order to conserve railway capacity and supply

Union invasion of Arkansas inches forward.

Builds have become a trickle.

For both sides.

The Rebs return.
The last two turns had 0 initiative for the Union.  
4/62 starts out the same way,
but Crouch again comes to the rescue.
Longstreet hesitates to attack...

Curtis is roughly handled by Gordon.

Longstreet retreats as does McClellan

The Union invasion of Arkansas is called off.
The last three Union initiatives for 4/62 were all 3s.
Good for fast getaways.

Hard to see in the bright sunshine, 
but the lack of counters tells us not many reinforcements should be expected.
The 4/62 builds were 1-3 and 10-3 infantry, a river flotilla and river transport.
The 5/62 builds were 1-3, 3-3 and 10-3 infantry and a naval transport

The rebs are building with the same manpower as the Union.

Lyons strikes back.
It's a battle of attrition the Rebs are not prepared for. 

The Rebs again advanced and retreated.

As they did in the West.

The Initiatives chits for the Union had been 1,0,3,3 for 5/62.  More importantly they have been able to implement some corps structures for their leading generals and this will help them form an offensive in the future.

It is also now summer and the initiative pool is about to improve.

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