Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Just a progress post, mainly because I am happy to have got stuck into these figures and that they are painting up so easily.

I researched skeleton miniatures painting techniques and found plenty of advice, but needed to go with a technique that matched my skills.  One post I read mentioned using VJ Desert Yellow and as I had some ready to hand I thought I'd give it a try...



 VFW56, but missing his little shield




The base coat was Tamiya XF64 Red Brown.  I normally use XF10 Flat Brown, which is darker and what I used on my WW2 British Western Desert figures and models.
Then there was a top coat of VJ 70977 Desert Yellow
Then a drybrush of VJ 70819 Iraqui Sand
Then a slight drybrush of Jo Sonja's Unbleached Titanium
Next a wash of Citadel Shade Reikland Fleshshade
And a final very slight drybrush of Jo Sonja's Unbleached Titanium

Metal parts were painted black, then VJ 70863 Gunmetal Grey and then dry brush of Jo Sonja's silver

Wood was painted white (Jo Sonja's Unbleached Titanium) and then painted using VJ Game Ink 72092 Marron Brown

All Minifigs from their Valley of the Four Winds range.

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