Friday, February 24, 2017

The Bother with Bofors

I've had the Battlefront Bofors gun set to do for a while now.

My first challenge was in determining how to base them.  I wanted a fixed position and decided I needed to make some sandbags.  Easy enough I guess, but I was put off by having to master a new skill and was then easily distracted by other projects.

I came back to them only to decide that one of the gun crew figures was really too deformed and that I should try and get a replacement.  I used that as an excuse to defer the project yet again.  I should say that Battlefront provided a replacement with no fuss or serious delay.

With my recent success with the Crusader tanks I thought the time had come for another attempt.

Just cleaning up the bits was fiddly, but I stuck at it and got them washed (carefully).  Then it was time for assembly.  I had the relevant Battlefront page to help but also ended up digging out my old Airfix Bofors gun to see how it went together (more on this later).  If I thought cleaning the parts was fiddly, gluing them with super glue was doubly so.

But I succeeded.

Well, with one gun at least.  Still resting before I attempt the other.  

In the above photo you can see the replacement pointing figure and also the stunted hand of the original one which I painted up anyway.

I've still got the basing challenge and now think I will remove the gun shield as this is what I'm after:

But the fun thing has been digging out the Airfix Bofors kit.  It is one of the more recent kits I've made, but that still makes it early 1980s (most likely).  I really went overboard in making the gun configurable as can be seen in these two pictures.

I also note I applied transfers which was rather rare for me.  The crew are very similar to that provided by Battlefront, but no pointing.


  1. Good work! How is the Palazzo book on Crete?

    1. Thanks. The book has an Osprey feel to it, but I think more detailed and more complete in its coverage (although I haven't looked at a lot of Osprey campaign books, I have been a bit disappointed with some of their general ones). Very good on allied OOB.