Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lottsa Skellies

All skellies painted and basically based, plus one old one dug out of the random painted figure mountain.

I don't know the brand of this figure.
I painted him a long time ago (early 1980s at a guess). 

This is VFW54 
He was a bugger to photograph 



Unknown figures, gifted to me by Paul.
Glad I've now got them painted.
They can be demon skellies. 

More emaciated horse than skeletal, but they have come up well. 

I always remember Mr Ed being excited about the coming of colour TV so he could see what colour eyes skeletons have.

And now, putting them all together:

My skellie force

The Skelliteam as my daughter commented

Excellent for Songs of Blades and Heroes, but possibly not enough for Hordes of the Things.

I'll probably add a few Reaper Bones miniatures (I know I will), but not sure about doing some work on the bases.  I'm thinking botanicals, daffodils...


  1. Excellent skellie army..those skellie horses I particually like.

    1. Thanks Paul. I was a little concerned how the horse would go and was thinking they needed some rotting skin or something, but the painting just came up perfect (although I did add in some grey around the neck which looked like more skin than bone).

      Now to get them into action (and some tufts).

  2. Good to see lots of dead.

    St Death xox

  3. This is all getting a bit too silly Mr H!! :)