Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Now Known Unknowns

First up the four armed guy.  Big thanks to Paul of Paul's Bods for finding out the pedigree of this figure.  I quote: "Vintage Garrison Fantasy preslotta SS83 " Four Armed Giant " The Club appears to be missing or rather, it looked like it carried a Club in it´s right Hand (top one) which has broken off."
The figure as it should be...

What I have.

Next, another sadly broken figure, but still with a lot of his menace still intact:

HA6 Dealer of Death on Horse

The above chap was identified by Maudlin Jack Tar who also spotted another horseless rider as a Minifig from their Mythical Earth range - ME8 Mounted Wizard Horse Number: M1

No horse, broken staff... So it goes with old figures.

But the big breakthrough has been identifying the Garrison logo which is written in cursive on the base along with a code starting with SS.  Then the next step was to use this fabulous site and work out who is who: 

SS25 Mounted Aquiland Black Guard

SS15 Hawkman

SS6 Frost Giant with Mace

SS90 Zangiran Heavy Infantry

SS2 White Magician

SS73 Armored Orc with mace

SS43 Tarun Immortal

SS1 Barbarian on foot

SS9 Northman with Axe

SS34 Corinthian Infantryman

And now back to the Valley of Four Winds

VFW28 Wizard of the Woods

But there remains one unknown unknown.


Looks like a Minifigs.  But this is as close as I've got:

It's a conspiracy!


Thanks to Tamsin's comment I had another look through my old 1970s catalogue and found this:

So W6 Artillery Mule it is.  Case solved.


  1. From the furniture, that looks like a pack horse rather than a draft horse. Not sure where you'd find that in the catalogue

    1. With the figures there were some boxes and sacks, I think from a sprue with the stamp "Set 13". Not sure they are suitable for this animal though. I'm thinking it is a donkey and that would fit in with your theory. Now to find an old Minifigs catalogue (or at least to check mine again)


      W6 Artillery Mule

      Conspiracy averted. Thanks Tamsin!

  2. Fine bit of crowd-sourced detective work!

    1. Yes. The fellow interest and comments provide input and inspiration. Truly wonderful.