Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blue on Blue on Sacré Bleu

I was just going to run the Waterloo friendly fire scenario again for a quick game of Songs of Drums and Shakos, or SoDS as I now like to think of it, but then I felt like playing as well - bad move.

The Dutch Belgian defenders see the French attackers appear up the rise.

The Prussians can see the French advancing through the trees.

The Prussians deploy while their officer orders up the flag.

Bird's eye view

The Dutch Belgians let off a few shots, felling one of the supposedly French attackers.

The real French react to the gun fire and advance.

One volley should put paid to the enemy...

Eh, no...
One of the Dutch Belgians staggers back in surprise at being fired at.

The Dutch Belgians see that the troops they thought were French are actually Prussian.

The rule I hastily made up was they needed to dice each turn, needing a six, but adding one for each turn so that they would realise their error in a reasonable short time.  Stephen N, the Dutch Belgian commander, promptly threw a six first time.   Luckily for the French, he failed his activation roll after that.

The Prussians turn towards the French.

They had the same rule as the Dutch Belgians and their commander, Mark B, also threw a six on his first attempt.

The Dutch Belgians have a half hearted shot at the French.

The French reload and fire back.

The Prussians rush forward.

Scale a small hill and open fire.

Two Frenchmen fall, but against my better judgement I'm persuaded to charge.

Oh dear...
Three more dead Frenchmen.

Time to run away.

Simple rules they maybe, but heaps of fun and they tell a great story.  Perfect for a club night.


  1. Yes - heaps of fun!

    Skilful use of text to accompany the photos comrade.


  2. Yes - heaps of fun!

    Skilful use of text to accompany the photos comrade.


  3. Thanks. It will be interesting to see how Songs of Blades and Heroes plays out.