Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fields of Failure

Some years ago I saw a post on making fields out of door mats.  Excellent I thought.  Seems so easy. Well I searched for a suitable mat.  The only ones that seemed to be available were expensive design mats with lots of coloured printing, but then one day I found what I thought was a suitable mat at a very suitable price (something like $5 compared to $50 or more).

It turned out to be a bugger to cut so I abandoned the project.  But last Saturday I again saw an example of a doormat field and so redoubled my efforts.

And it all started to unravel...

I might still be able to make something out of it, and started seeing how well the bits glue and look. Maybe some promise as brush markers and such, but not sure I need them.  Worse, I now have to store an unravelling mat.

The solution is to look for a doormat with a rubberised backing which was the type I saw on Saturday.  It means a trip to Ikea. 


  1. Might be able to help you out on this on this Mark.

  2. It crossed my mind that the unravelled bits could do for a more 28mm Sudan type world...

    Looking forward to a chat tomorrow evening when we are immersed in terrain.

  3. You could try glueing the mat onto a thin wooden or plastic base. The unevenness is not necessarily bad, either; the neat, tidy planted fields that are seen now are a relatively recent development.

    Just a thought (I don't have 'em very often...)

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Good idea. Might be able to get away with just smothering the base in PVA glue which I've also had suggested.