Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mostly Minifigs

Someone passed these on to Stephen N and I took them off him, snatched might be a better word.

Back row Sword and Sorcery range #67 and #87
Centre, Hundred Years War #1 and #4, plus HYC #2
Front War of the Roses #1, #3 and #21

Note the figures aren't in the order I have listed the codes, in this or the subsequent pictures and notes

Back group SN #4, #13, #15 and #17
Could be NS but either way I can't find a catalogue reference for them.
Front group are from Alexander Nevski range, 
AX #3, #5, #6, #13, #32 and #34

VFW range, which, with a bit of Internet searching I now know stands for Valley of the Four Winds.
#57x5, #55x4, #60x2, #59x5, #61x3, #63x2, #58x1, #56x4, #54x1 and VFWC67x3
Sadly only two horses, but that's enough.
These could stand in for zombies as well as form the core of a HotT Undead army.

Mythical Earth
ME3x16, ME13x14, ME4x2, ME7x2, ME35, ME6, ME48 and ME55
Enough here to do a dwarven HotT army.

Odds and sods


Unknown, but...
They have some writing and code numbers on their bases, but I'm yet to work it out.

What fun!

The skellies might get done as it's a stretch goal for my Six by Six, plus they should be easy to do, only challenge is to base singly or as a horde base.  I fancy single myself and doing a few movement trays for HotT that can also be used for other things (zombie game) as well as provide plenty of flexibility for HotT.


  1. Excellent find especially the skeletons!

    In the "unknown" category I'd really like to know who made the four-armed chap in the top row as I have one of these and I don't know who the manufacturer is :)

    1. On the figure base there is a code SS83 or S583 followed by what I think is the circled c copyright badge. I've done a little bit of Goggling but without easy success.

  2. The "ummm?" are Kinder suprise figs, set D540 Huns (4 figs in the series)

    1. Thanks Paul. One mystery solved. I have some similar figures that are plastic and came I think in a cereal box many many years ago. These ones being metal had me puzzled and I thought they might have been the kind of thing you sometimes see for sale in museum gift shops. I never thought Kinder surprise though.

    2. ...and Bingo!!..I found the 4 armed fig. It´s a
      Vintage Garrison Fantasy preslotta SS83 " Four Armed Giant " The Club appears to be missing or rather, it looked like it carried a Club in it´s right Hand (top one) which has broken off.

    3. in fact, after a quick Google search I reckon a lot of them are Garrison (all I did was put figure metal 4 arms SS83 into Google and it came up straight away) or they are Grenadier / Ral Partha.
      PS..previous post deleted due to my dreadfull spelling :-)

    4. Brilliant work. I'd been googling "wolfman" and not getting very far.

      Using your info I will test out the remaining unknown unknowns (although I'm busy painting skellies at the moment)

      PS I removed your deleted post.

  3. Unknown figures - Top Right looks very much like the mounted wizard from Minifigs Mythical Earth ( the figure below looks a bit like Minot's Dealer of Death (

    1. Thanks Maudlin Jack! I was thinking Minifigs for the wizard, but I was at a totally loss for the other figure.