Friday, February 3, 2017

Burgundian Ordonnance versus Crusaders

Yesterday my Burgundians fought Richard's Crusaders to a bloody draw.

The Crusaders.  Crossbow, spears and knights.

The Burgundians.  Longbow, knights and bits and bobs.  
I had intended to run artillery, but had to drop them to reduce to 500 points for the battle.

A bad start.  Charismatic Charles the Bold turns out to be just another Charlie.

I shuffle my reserves to my left

The Crusaders advance under a rain of arrows

With my skirmishers I launch a successful outflanking manoeuvre on my right.

I'm still shuffling my reserves, the knights, to my left.

The battlefield as seen from the Crusader's side.

My archers and crossbowmen are inflicting casualties on the advancing Crusaders

On both wings we are "blasting them away"

But the Crusader knights ride home.

The left flank has seen the Crusaders charge, routing some of the Burgundian missile troops, and then counter charged by the Burgundian knights.

My knights following up.

And getting themselves in trouble

On the right things are going well for the Burgundians.

But the left flank of the Burgundian army is broken.
Note the charge of the Burgundian CinC top right of the above photo.

The Crusaders start to pull back

The Burgundians are starting to advance, despite the loss of their left flank.
The Burgundian CinC presses in on the Crusader CinC and is ultimately successful...

But oh dear, the Crusader foot have riposte.
The Burgundian CinC takes a casualty but will survive on a roll of 4 or less.
He rolls a 5.
He uses his last Hand of Fate.
And gets a 5 again.

The Hand of Fate clawing back the glimmer of victory and replacing it with the darkness of defeat.

Both armies have now broken and all commanders lost.
What a bloody affair.


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