Tuesday, February 7, 2017

HQs and 2pdrs

These took me a while to complete as I couldn't decide on how best to base them.

These figures and model are from the Charles Upham set

This was done a while back, but I wasn't happy with the composition.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to do the gun facing the long side or the short side of the base

I settled on short side

Now all I have left are the Vickers Mark VI and some carriers.  They are all undercoated, just deciding on paint scheme.  Then I have to tackle the Bofors guns...

Meanwhile I have order more cruiser tanks.


  1. Good work! I like that the two pounder and crew a lot.

  2. Thanks. I always wanted a 2pdr (having been stuck with the Airfix 6pdr for so long). I have the Zvedza model to do as well.

  3. These little vignettes are amazing, congrats!

    1. Thanks. I'm fond of the first one where there is a guy on lookout while the others have a cuppa and a smoke, you can tell he's nervous while the other guys are oblivious. I've got the Peter Ig tea drinkers to do one day.