Thursday, February 23, 2017

Clive of Impetus nee India

Last night at the club I was fortunate to take part in a big 650 points per side Impetus game.  I was expecting Classical Indians and was surprised to find it was much later, pitting British against the French in India, both sides being mostly Indian.  In another twist both armies were close to being mirror images of each other.

Dave had done all the organising and took on the role of Clive of India, assisted by Geoff and myself. The French were commanded by Richard, assisted by Andrew and Mark B.

I took command of the cavalry and elephants,

Our deployments were different unlike our almost identical armies. I was on the right flank (bottom of the picture) while the French kept their cavalry in reserve. 
I commenced an outflanking manoeuvre.

Almost immediately the Expert Clive found out he was only Fair.

My light cavalry got into the action early, but after some initial success, 
not much happened for a good while.

With a Poor command structure the risks of moving too fast were high

An attempt to hurry up put my outflanking force into disorder.

But we got there.

There had been lots of action on the other side of the battlefield 
and things were looking grim for the British.

Why I no longer put much store in Rolls of Destiny.  
I threw a six, rerolled and threw another six.
The same thing happened later.  
Lucky we only had three Rolls of Destiny.

The enemy are pulling back, however I am not in a position to exploit this.

In the very top left hand corner.  
A French cavalry unit is stuck before British muskets.  
It would have contacted on anything but a 1.
Possibly a game defining moment...

The last hurrah.
My cavalry sweep round the flank winning the Jewel of India for the British Crown, 
although Clive took all the recognition.

Thanks Dave for organising this fascinating battle.  Most enjoyable and challenging.


  1. Excellent account! Good to see Impetvs on your game table!

    1. Thanks.

      Certainly my favourite ancients/medieval rules and popular in my club. Just wish they would bring out a set of the rules with the consolidated errata.

    2. Perhaps give Basic Impetvs 2 a try? BI2 is a good product.

    3. Definitely. I've got the rules and had a read and think they have promise. I hope to have my first game with them next month.