Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Battle of Lincoln

Very fortuitously I was reading an old issue of Miniature Wargames from July 1996 and came across a description of the 1141 Battle of Lincoln between King Stephen and the Earl of Gloucester.  Perfect I thought for a quick game of DBA.

First challenge was what was the army.  Turned out to be an easy challenge, IV/3 Anglo-Norman 1072AD-1181AD.  I still using DBA 2.0, but planning to upgrade to DBA 3.0- real soon now (or at least give them a try).

My Burgundians and Dark Ages armies were pressed into service.  The armies were identical at 1x3Kn (Gen), 3x3Kn, 4x4Sp, 3x3Bw, 1x3Cv.

Apart from the terrain and the rough period of the troops, I made no attempt to create an OOB or an historical setup, except to make the Earl of Gloucseter the invader.

I played the Earl of Gloucester and Stephen played King Stephen.  We played outside in a nice warm 38 degrees Centigrade while the air conditioning unit in the club room was being repaired.

King Stephen advanced while I shuffled troops to extend my line and draw in his right.

I will call this the advance of William of Ypres against my Welsh mercenaries.

My bow crumbled before the knights, most unexpectedly...

All the action was on that flank.

And it ended in tears when my General took an arrow to the eye.

Here is the article I used, included fro future reference and so I can let go of the magazine:


  1. DBA 3.0 is seriously worth the effort. DBA 2.0 was a dull game (compared to the similar HOTT). DBA 3.0 is almost as good as HOTT :)

    1. First game scheduled for tomorrow night. Going to keep it very simple.