Thursday, February 2, 2017

Marks versus Stephens

Something to note: All models are from Stephen N's collection and as a result he gets to interpret the rules, modify the rules and make them up as he goes along.  However there is a risk that if this power is used recklessly, the wargaming gods will not be amused...

  Stephen N is in the candy stripe plane and Stephen B in the yellow tail.  
Mark B and myself are in the Bristol fighters.
The action is just a patrol.

I get shot up in the first pass and then find the Hun in my blind spot.  Drat!

Stephen N's plane starts smoking.

The two German planes collide...

With catastrophic results.
Stephen N rules this cannot be!

Very next card he pulls is an explosion.  Kill to me!

And then Stephen B suffers the same fate.  Kill to Mark B.

Proof that there is a wargaming god and that she doesn't like people messing with her rules on the fly.