Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Prussians for Ligny

The ANF are looking at doing Ligny and I'm happy to offer any assistance from my meager collection of 1/72nd scale Prussians.

HAT Dragoons.

Airfix Landwher.  Nice, but without the charm of their other Napoleonic sets.

Prussian infantry converted from French Infantry by a young Brenton and saved by me.

One of the Reserve Regiments converted from British Infantry this time.

Some Hinchcliffe and Minifig artillery.

Minifig General.

A more recent painting (I stopped the folly of cutting figures off their bases) of Minifig grenadiers.

One of my first metal figures.  I had dreams of getting many more, but the cost was prohibitive at the time.

The assembled army, just missing the Landwher converts and HAT Uhlans that are currently part of the ANF Waterloo game.


  1. One of the major influences in my teenage years was the Uniforms of Waterloo by Philip J Haythornthwaite along with the Airfix Waterloo figure sets. So Prussians came naturally to me. When I started my 15mm army (which is my main one for gaming) I did Prussians again. I fear if I do 6mm it will be more Prussians.