Monday, July 20, 2015

ANF Waterloo - Part 3

Third day's play and another four or so turns ticked by, things hang in the balance with the Allied right barely gripping the table edge.  Over on the left things are a little better.

One of Vandeleur's Light Dragoon Regiments saw an opportunity to charge a weakened unit of Cuirassiers.

It went bad...

Talk about things going bad, it was contagious with the massive French right hook finally starting to make progress and close the pincer on Hougoumont.

The French heavy cavalry (and that massed artillery) has the Allied left flank pinned.

The Prince of Orange tells Muffling to get the Prussians moving if old Blucher wants a crack at grabbing the Corsican Ogre's chamber pot.

Jacquinot's cavalry are harassing the Prussians.  In the distance the farmhouse of La Haye Sainte can be seen burning, going up like a paper tissue.

Vandeleur tries again.  In what was a very sneaky bit of gamesmanship, the Nassau in the fortified farm of Papelotte were told not to fire least they hit the Cuirassiers and convert the stagger to a casualty, just robbing the combat of a -1 factor on the French.  Was it the right thing to do?

The Prince now has a Prussian sapper as an aid (a very old conversion of mine, re-lifed for this game, but purely for show, although he could be put to work on improving the dots on the dice).

The Second Dutch Belgian Division and Vivian's cavalry are slowly moving to link up with the Prussians (if they are still there).

Yep, some Prussians cowering in the bottom left hand corner.  Note Jacquinot has turned his cavalry round to face them.

The first round was a tie with both sides rolling a one.  If the Nassau had fired and caused a casualty that would have been the end of the Cuirassiers, but of course, if the French hadn't the -1 this roll would not have been a tie.  The next round saw the French annihilated when they again threw a one but the mighty Light Dragoons threw a four.  Better still, the French heavy cavalry division then failed its morale and fled the field.  Things just got better when the Light Dragoons rallied back.
So, sneaky tactic worked!

Now we get moving and Jacquinot is forced to turn his cavalry back to face us - his division's morale is wavering.

Picton gets his troops ready for... For what?  They are stuck on defend orders and have enemy approaching their right flank.

Apart from the Dutch-Belgian division on the very top right hand corner, the rest of the Allies on the right have been pushed to the very edge.  

The forces in front of the Allied left, with Plancenoit in the distance.  There is only the French 4th Division and what's left of Jacquinot's cavalry.  However the Guard Light Cavalry and a Heavy Cavalry Division are fighting the Prussians.

The Prussians and Young Guard made a race for Plancenoit and now each hold half.  So things are not too bad, except there is a table edge here that is proving a bit problematic as well.

Fingers crossed that I will be able to make the next installment.  That is the 18:00 turn.

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  1. What's happening? That's a fairly balanced report (ha ha)!
    Every table has an edge. I keep telling you that if you move your 'res off that ridge you won't have to worry. My guns will give you the warmest of welcomes...! Actually, I thought that you'd include a photo of the Prince leading the counter-attack around Smohain