Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Busy Night

In a very busy night at the club we had a busy game of Wings of Glory.

My Camel arrives on the scene just as the Camel flown by Paul makes its first pass at two hun planes controlled by Stephan N.

Blasted rear gunners!  It's just not cricket.

But I clipped him and he went boom.

My smoking crate targets the yellow Fokker.

Looks like we might have him sandwiched.

Boom!  I got him.  When explaining the secret of my success to the new guy Paul, I said it was always to pick Stephen N as my opponent.

Two Stephen's this time.  Same game, just brought on reinforcements.

We've got Stephen B in a pincer.

Paul's Camel succeeded in setting him on fire and down he went.  His first kill.  Also one of the first games we played out for fifteen turns.  Stephen N in his third plane of the night was saved.

I had been lucky - dodging lots of bullets.

It is getting a tad embarrassing.


  1. Good skills...and even more luck!

  2. This post,,
    , has a picture of the packed club room. It's school holidays. The Wings of Glory game is just outside the picture frame unfortunately.