Sunday, July 26, 2015

6mm Basing Dilemma


How to come up with a basing regime that will work for Napoleon's Battles, Blucher and Baccus?

These are some 6mm figures placed on the 15mm Napoleon's Battles bases (3/4" by 1" for infantry, 1" by 2" for cavalry and 1 1/2" by 1" for artillery).  This is what I've done in the past (or rather did in the beginning before switching to 15mm figures).

The fit with the Baccus 60mm by 30mm basing seems reasonable.

The cavalry just would need to be on 1" squares - something I would probably do for my 15mm figures anyway if I had a free hand.

Putting such bases on a bigger 3" by 2" base for Blucher provides plenty of options to depict unit capabilities.  This would mean mounting the smaller bases on magnetic sheet and using metal big bases - something I'm set up to do for my 15mm figures.

Then I thought, why not go for 20mm by 30mm or just call an inch 30mm...

At least I am not tackling this challenge alone.  Mark B is also looking at how to base his 6mm Austrian army.  Here are some of his pictures lining them up on a 3" by 2" base.

I would much rather go with a single large base to avoid fiddliness, but I also like the flexibility...

A single large base allows for interesting dioramas...

This is a good post on the subject as well:

Do I really need to base my 6mm army for Napoleon's Battles?

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  1. Looking good SoY, I have flirted with 6mm however decided to stick with 15mm /18mm however the 6mm troops look superb on the table. Looking forward to your progress!