Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nude Chariot Racing

Last night at the club I indulged in a bit of nude chariot racing.

I took the Gaul from Dave B's extensive selection of racing chariots.  I had thought to make my own from the Airfix Roman set, but wrong scale.  Still tempted though...

Bringing up the rear, probably best place for nude charioteers.

I finished the first race!  Meant I went from raw novice to novice.

Some people took the whole nude chariot thing to mean bare chariot.

The second race went badly when some B pushed me into the centre and I crashed.  Luckily I escaped with a minor injury and limped to safety, declining to try and jump on some of the passing chariots.  In this race Mark B had been killed in chariot crash (he hadn't been wearing his seat belt).

Last race and I finished last, but at least I was still alive.  Marty had crashed in this race and then someone had run him over.  Ouch!


  1. What a great night of fun we all had Mark. Dave B must be congratulated for putting the games on. Very nice of you not to mention my placings!

  2. Looks a lot of fun :)
    ...and 'Pun' heaven...!

  3. Nice looking chariot game!

  4. Dave's chariot races are superb!
    Paint up your Airfix chariot as you'll be able to use it with us. I have a few 'on the go' as I'd like to try to do a similar thing at one of our sessions.