Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hill and Orange

Completed two Corps commanders for my Napoleon's Battles Waterloo army.  Lord Hill uses Battle Honors figures and the Prince of Orange uses AB Miniatures.  For the ABs I drilled out the reins, but apart from that the figures are as they came.

Getting a nice dark shade of blue was a challenge.

The Prince is a one piece casting.

The aide (actually a hussar officer) accompanying the Prince was used to test out some more blues, most notably on the portemanteau which I painted a number of different ways, including using a white base coat.

An orange highlight to the red coat gives it more of an officer's scarlet look, but the burgundy shade I used for the sash didn't provide a very distinctive crimson colour, but it will do.


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    1. Thanks. It has been suggested I need to improve on my tufts :-)

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    1. Thanks Carlo. Makes me wonder why I'm dabbling with 6mm at the moment.

      But stay tuned - I've just acquired a 28mm army for Saga, complete with botanicals.

  3. Wonderful - the Prince of Orange in particular!

    1. Thanks - I did the Prince of Orange in 1/72nd at the same time and very similar pose. Will post comparison shot when he is back from Waterloo.