Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Latest Acqusition

A bit of an impulse buy, but these figures flashed up on Facebook and after a bit of hoop I got access to the Historical Wargames Exchange and claimed these lovely painted AB figures.  The detail achieved by Ian Hemmings is magnificent.

Sadly I will need to rebase them for Napoleon's Battles and I might do a bit of shading to give them the stamp of ownership.

These chaps - yet another yellow faced formation - will do fine as Hanoverians.

Even the piping on the collars!  Wow.

And a casualty maker to.

I could keep these for Songs of Drums and Shakos, but it might pay to make them into skirmish makers, not that I play with that advanced rule (brigade skirmish formation).

If that base is an inch square I don't need to rebase him.

Foot artillery and I need horse...

I'm short on commanders.

A lovely French unit.

And a sapper!

The regimental laundry attendant used Omo with these guys.

Foreman material to be sure.

And more Prussians - bound to come in handy.

Just love the detail.

Best of all I used money from my mum's estate - I am sure she would have approved.


  1. Gosh! these figures/units look lovely! congrats on you for getting these units!
    Re-basing the figures shouldn't be an issue for you?


    1. No, it's just that they are based so well.

    2. oh I see....

      check this (French) blog out of Napoleonic re-en actors

      I like the photo of Swedes? and British infantry formed square together :o)


  2. My word they are a splendid addition.

    1. Thanks. Just investigating the wash treatment - one of the French units is washed, the other not.

  3. They looked very impressive in the flesh last night Mark though their place on the outer walls of our "coliseum" was an interesting vantage point :-)

    1. I failed to mention that these troops are based for General de Brigade (but not for long...)