Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Simply Some Slingers

Richard provided these figures as part of the Roman purchase.  While somewhat superfluous I have a lot of suitable slingers to use with the Romans, the figures were too cute to leave languishing and besides there were only eight of them and easy to paint.

I was thinking of making three Impetus bases using three figures on two and two on one, but I decided to go with the traditional WRG allotment ratio.


  1. I have the same figures (in pretty much the same colour scheme!), purchased as part of the old 50 figure packs from OG15s. Very useful types to have in the collection!

    1. The fifty figure bags worked okay for ACW and Napoleonics, but not sure for Ancients. That said I had a few and the beauty of the Impetus basing is that I was able to use em all.

      Slingers are also the best skirmishers in Basic Impetus :-)