Saturday, May 28, 2022

Don't Mention The War - Part 9

A quick war is meant to be a fun war right?  

Finally in May/June 1941 we had some fine weather.  The last of the stockpiled munition (or Offensive Chits as they are known in game parlance) were spent on von Bock for the all important final assault on Paris, but wait, there is other news.  Italy declared war on France and the Commonwealth, and demonstrated its aerial efficiency in conducting long range suppression of rear area French forces.

After a brief bombardment, the Germans cleared the city and set about restoring it to its former glory. (A plus 13.5 assault with a 15.3 die roll produced a TOTT result - phew!)

Germans troops enjoying the sights of Paris.

Then it was all aboard the morning train, lunch time train and evening train to places east.  But not too many.  There were talks of French suicide attacks, but aside from encouragement to appelez-vous de ligne d'aide the Germans held the Seine River line and were just too strong, but still cautious as they carefully started to rotate troops out.  Things were going good when all of a sudden the turn ended (just like in 1940) on the first opportunity.  What was that about a quick war?

The Germans had prepared for a quick war,
but did not expect this to mean turns few impulses
(and don't mention the weather). 

With Paris liberated, a more German friendly Government can be installed, one that is surely going to be hostile to Britain.  The big question remains, is there enough time left to deal with the Communist menace?  Or put another way:

It all comes down to who gets initiative in July/August and what the garrison values are.

Counting the garrison values.
Recounting the garrison values.
Armour corps and armour HQs are two.
SS, mechanised and mountains corps are two.
All the rest are one, except for divisions
which are only a half.
Then there's the chits.


  1. The Axis doesn't seen to have God on its side this time, either...

    1. The Axis have taken few losses, but haven't been able to deploy the U-Boats or to capitalise on there successes - this game really is about a timetable and that, along with the weather, can give or deny opportunities.

      The political angle of WW2 is also intriguing as at stage the USSR has been the main aggressor and the Commonwealth have also some issues. However I suppose Italy has reset that. But still, the US is going to get upset by a European crusade against their arch enemy the Communists. While the US hasn't had many chits, those they do have are high value. So the few things that have angered them have really angered them!