Thursday, May 5, 2022

Middle Republican Romans versus Later Sassanids

How would the Romans fare under the command of their new owner?  Mark B's Sassanids were about to find out...




The Sassanid light cavalry screen failed to evade
blocking a good part of the Sassanid line.

The elephants have been thrown back into their commander's cavalry.
The technical term for this is Ouch or Squish.

The Sassanid cavalry have a hard time against the legionnaires.

The Romans use the Betrayal card 
and for once it works!
(The original roll of a 1 was rerolled as a 5 and the unit routed)

The elephants are again repulsed
while the rest of the Sassanid line starts to thin out.

In a final insult,
the Roman slingers are able to panic the elephants 
who rampage back into the already seriously squashed Sassanid cavalry, 
totally demolishing them, commander and all.


  1. Not a great day for the elephants :)

    1. Or the cavalry who were posted behind them.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, both armies were cheque book wargaming as Simon would say.

  3. Skimishers 101: Never place your skirmishers between the main battle lines. They tend to get squashed. Like an acne pimple. Found that out the hard (actually all too easy) way.

    1. In these rules they would normally evade, but if caught and not routed, there is no disengage (or automatic kill as in Advanced Impetus) so then they really bugger up your advance.

      Except for shielding the main line from enemy fire, I prefer skirmishers covering the flanks