Thursday, January 30, 2020

Stalingrad'42 - Turns 11 to 13

The Soviets make their first counterattack at Yelan.

This was so exciting I forgot to take a photo of the end of turn 11 position.

The previous attack was a success and on the next turn a further two attacks were made.

 End of Turn 12.

While the Axis have a bridgehead across the Volga and along the Don south west of Stalingrad,
they are still held up at Rostov and Voronezh.

End of Turn 13.

The northern front has drawn the panzers back.  The Soviet offensive against the Hungarian army has been halted. The incursion across the lower Don has seen the release of the Caucasian front troops and they are hurrying to contain the threat.  The bridgehead on the Volga has also been blocked from further breakout, not that the Axis can spare any troops to do this.

This game is playing really well, giving both Richard and I headaches in deciding what to do.


  1. Not a bad place to counter-attack! A breakthrough there might have had far reaching results.

    1. A breakthrough would have been a bit optimistic at this stage, but I did hope to draw the panzers back and away from Stalingrad and this happened. They are now nearer Saratov, but if they go too close that will trigger the early release of the army being held there in reserve.