Monday, January 27, 2020

Classical Indians versus Carthaginians in 6mm

Today Mark Woods came over with two of his superb 6mm armies.  I went Carthaginian to face Indians ensconced on a hill.

 I was out scouted and deployed my army behind a strong skirmisher screen.

 I start to advance...

 Even at short range, the missile fire is rarely more than one dice per unit.

 My army gets a slight scratch.

 First action sees us both lose skirmishers on our respective right flanks.

 A mighty skirmisher tussle results in annihilation of the Indians.
It all comes down to the Cohesion tests.

 Lots of action on my left flank.
I really like this way of showing casualties.
One side is red for disorder, the other side green for good order.

In go the Gauls.
The Spanish have dealt with the chariots.
Unfortunately the elephants squished the Punic infantry.
Will the other unit fair better?

The Gauls and the Spaniards win the day!


  1. not sure if this is where I got them from but these look similar...