Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Moving the Mountain

Previously I have posted on my ACW Plastic Mountain and on the few Airfix Confederates I had painted.  In the past two years not one bit of plastic has shifted and I don't see that changing.  However I do know of a good home for them and that is where they will go, along with these figures from Atlantic which I thought I might get around to doing for Pony Wars.

This represents an excellent rationalisation as I have a major investment in 15mm ACW (and a bit of stuff for Pony Wars too).

I can now report that this mission was accomplished last Saturday and this particular mountain, well, shoe box really, is now with the ANF.

The Airfix ACW sets and Wagon Train are quite beautiful, but much better they get some love rather than collect dust.


  1. Excellent choice. It’s usually a good thing to downsize a project that will never be finished. 😀

    1. I can also say they went to a good home and were very well received. I hope to get to use them on the table top if I'm invited to a gaming session. The ANF plan to use Fire and Fury so I'm right there. I also expect to put on a few 15mm ACW games for them to try out.