Friday, May 17, 2019

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Imperial Romans

Bit of a time warp, but Dave and I were giving Impetus Second Edition another go and trying out different armies.  His are old Minifigs and mine Tin Soldier.

I can just make 400 points with my Byzantines, 
but I'm yet to purchase figures for the command stands.
I normally run duplicate commands, but this time I went for one foot and one mounted.
Luckily I won the deployment rolls and deployed second.

We were in action with the very first turn.

We have now learnt how to do reaction fire 
and our game became a whole lot more interesting.

 Whoop!  Subgeneral's expertise locked in.

Turn three and I'm struggling a bit, well a lot,
one of my cavalry units disintegrated, 
however I am working around the Roman's left flank.

 What's not to like about a set of rules that upgrades me to Genius?

I don't need my foot to win, just to hold up,
while my cavalry do their magic.

But it was not to be,
close, but...

On turn five both sides lost a command (as marked by the stars - these units break),
sadly my slightly smaller army and the aforementioned lost cavalry unit, 
tipped my side over its breaking point.

An excellent, tense game.  And I must get some command figures!  The ones I have are all embedded in the units which is fine for Basic Impetus.

And here's an action replay to finish off with:


  1. Roman armies make very good opponents for Byzantines. My Byzantines went for ten years, between 1994 and 2004 (about the last time I played DBM) without losing a battle against Roman armies. Even the ones I lost before then were always close. I wonder if I should do a nostalgia piece with battle maps... No photos, unfortunately.

    1. I've got some Roman figures, but probably only enough for a DBA army (I miss playing DBA 2.2+ - the rewrite).

      My current challenge is how many more Tin Soldier Byzantines I should purchase. I need to consult the lists!

    2. My main problem with 'Ancients' as a 'period' is the unhistorical nature of most of the war games. Just about the only time my Nikephorians took on an historical opponent, it was against another Nikephorian Byzantine army.

    3. This is very true, occasionally my club does an historical battle on one of our Saturday games days, but most Wednesday night battles are just points based games, although often with roughly historical opponents. My next one is 400 point, Byzantines versus Sassanids.