Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nikephorian Byzantines versus Later Sassanids

Time to give Impetus Second Edition another go, this time getting Mark B to field his Sassanids and letting Stephen have command of my Byzantine foot (I kept the cavalry under my command).

400 points should work well for a club night, although the chatter isn't always conducive to experiencing new rules, especially if accompanied by crappy die rolling.

Stephen is charged with defending the sheep.  
That is impassable terrain on his left.

Stephen gets off to an excellent start, his expert rating being locked in.
He is sporting armour that will later become fashionable in far off Burgundy.

On turn one I was able to bring overwhelming bow fire to bear 
on a Sassanid light cavalry unit that had advanced on my right.

Turn two and the Sassanids are pushing forward.
I'm advancing too.

Turn three sees a messy melee develop on the right,
At the same time the Sassanid elephants start to lose their skirmisher screen.

Turn four and the Sassanids collapse.
One of their elephants panicked under sustained bow fire and recoiled into the unit behind it.
But the real damage was to their light cavalry, skirmishers 
and their unit of kataphraktoi that I had been able to rout with my superior numbers. 

I feel I am starting to get a handle on these rules now.  They offer some subtle tactical challenges.  It is such a pity that Basic Impetus 2.0 and Impetus Second Edition are such good rules, but while very similar they are also very different.  This makes playing both sets a challenge.  Damn!


  1. Good looking game - nice to know the Sassanids had a bad day...well perhaps next time the dice will roll in their favor...cheers

  2. Nice to see 'my' cavalry continuing to give fine service under new leadership...!

    1. I must say they are performing mighty well.

      Impetus Second Edition has expanded what I can field and I have just invested in some Old Glory foot and a few Essex command figures for this army. Two bags will give me three more legions and a heap of skirmishers.

      I might even convert my Dark Age figures to Impetus units... I've only just thought of that and it's probably a goer.

  3. Nice report Mark and I do very much enjoy your photography and the tracking of the turns.

    1. Thanks Carlo, I've been having some great games. The last one yesterday, Operation Brevity, I found particularly nice to look at.