Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Don't fence me in

A lucky find at my excellent local wargaming supply shop, Tactics, 1.5m of fencing for 15mm scale.

 The various finished components fit together very flexibly as can be seen in the above image. 

I was in the process of planning to make such terrain pieces and had done a few some years back, but it is a slow fiddly processing in this scale.  This product from 4Ground is just fantastic.  Came away from the sprue with ease and went together perfectly.  I probably did go overboard with bassing (mainly filing down the edges - super easy with a sharp knife, then a bit of texture paint, more paint and then flock).  They have come up a treat!

These are the four components.

Perhaps the finished wood is too dark, but then I am used to Australian conditions, where wooden fences would quickly go to a light grey with the sun's bleaching. Wet wood would be dark and if it has been treated with anything like creosote it would also go dark.  I did consider going over with a light grey/brown dry brush to lighten them, but I felt I'd put enough effort into them already.

And I saw they also do snake rail fencing!  I've ordered two packets.  A must for my ACW army.


  1. Fencing is always useful. Great find!

    1. Yes, I'm looking forward to getting the snake rail fencing.