Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Leipzig Table C Setup - Napoleon's Battles

While pursuing the Allied Army of Bohemia, on 16 October 1813 Napoleon finds himself at the centre of a concentration of Allied armies.  

Napoleon's Battles provides a scenario for this battle spread over four tables.

Table C is the fight against the Allied Army of Bohemia. This is the big one we have been aiming to recreate and for which we did the setup today.

Table D is the fight against the Right Wing of the Allied Army of Bohemia (Kolmberg Hill?).  See AAR from August 2012.

Table A is the fight against the Allied Army of Silesia (Mockern). See AAR from December 2011.

Table B is the fight against the Left Wing of the Allied Army of Bohemia (Lindenau) .  See AAR from October 2011.

Signature shot.  
The scenarios are from the fabled red book.  In the picture are the villages of Probsthayda and Meusdorf with the French First, Fifth and Fourth Cavalry Corps.  The Galgenberg Hill is at the top right hand corner.

The left flank of the Allies resting on the River Pleisse.  There are a few too many Poles (VIII Corps) facing the Prussian II Corps, one brigade and the Corps' artillery is actually not present in this scenario.

The Allied right with the Russian I Corps facing the French V Corps.  In the centre is the Russian Guard light cavalry division backed by many, many Cossacks.

Russian II Corps featuring my recently acquired musketeers making up its two much reduced divisions.

My Prussians.

I am trying out an alternative way of using labels based on dedicated stands.  They are still in the prototype stage at present and this game will be the first trial of them.

The depth of field.  
The table is 9 x 5 foot and all the action takes place at one end.  The Russians are nearly all artillery.  The village of Guldengossa is in the immediate foreground.

Russian Guard cavalry (figures are mainly Old Glory with some ABs, War Modelling and Essex miniatures).

Napoleon coming down the road.

Another shot of Napoleon, perhaps thinking he better attack quick... 


  1. Love that flag stand in the last shot.

    Nice one.

    1. Thanks. There is lots one could say, but let's just leave it at "nice flag".

  2. The figures,units and table top looks marvelous... gosh your Napoleon's Battles battle report post brings back memories playing with these rules during early 90's in Melbourne, Vic. One of the discussions/debates with NB rules was about Divisional artillery included or not to their parent divisions? after some play testing some guys at my former club thought it was deadly, infantry didn't have a chance closing on mass artillery but cavalry did in a way :o)

    anyway.... great photos and game report Mark

    1. Thanks. I wouldn't want any more artillery, keeping it command is a challenge. The Russian Corps are very brittle in this period so if anything goes wrong that artillery is just going to sit there.

  3. That looks great Mark and the figures look sensational. Napoleons Battles was a set of rules I never really got into as at the time the club were heavily into Empire III. However those who played NB are certainly loyal supporters of what was an excellent system. Curious to see more.