Friday, April 4, 2014

Alexandrian Macedonians versus Romans - Again

It seems to be a long while since I last played Field of Glory, but thanks to the digital records (my blog) I see that my Macedonians last took the field in November.  Oh, that makes it five months!  In that time I have prepped a few new figures for them, but nothing ready yet.  However I did I one new big innovation - movement trays.  Nothing new there really, but my first large scale use of some home made ones from old CD cases (of the soft easy to cut kind).  While they don't have the sticking power of metal movement trays (all my troops are on magnetic bases) that can be addressed with some steel paper, although it wasn't really an issue.

Anyway, on with the game which took place yesterday and lasted about four hours.  Mark ran his superb Romans (I think Polybians).

800 points produces a good sized army and I couldn't get it all in with a single shot.  The Roman centre was their fortified camp while my crude supply dump was well in my rear.

My left flank on the move.  Already the Roman Gallic cavalry is running away (top right hand corner).

My right flank pushing forward.

Things were looking promising before the arrival of the Roman Gallic cavalry.

My Illyrian javelinmen get the upper hand while the hypaspists take on the cavalry.

Back on the left I am hoping the Roman light infantry are feeling threatened.

My Thracians on the left eye off their opponents; it is said that they are more skilled swordsmen, better armoured and superior fighting troops.  There sure seems a lot of them pack in together, but are they feeling lucky?

Well, on the right my Thracians weren't lucky.  Alexander is trying to rally them before they burst through the Agema which has been redeployed to the right to rebalance the cavalry situation.  The Hypaspists seem to be holding their own...

The left flank is proving to be time consuming, but my superiority of light troops is showing.

And on the right my light troops win their fight.

But oh dear, the Thracians and the Hypaspist have broken and burst through the Agema!

But the Agema fight back, hopefully giving time for Alexander to rally some troops.

My boys are starting to envelop the Roman right, however the Thessalian heavy cavalry are a bit hampered by that field.

The Thracians rally, but don't feel so good.  The Hypaspists leave the field while the Agema bravely fight on.

The centre is not going well for my hoplites, but a pike block is coming to their rescue...

...but too late!  Both Thacians and Hoplites on my left break.  The pike flank charge goes in and the Roman general is killed, but the legionnaires are solid chaps and they fight on, knowing they have the numbers.

The Agema have broken after being charged in the flank by the Roman infantry.  The Gallic cavalry have turned to threaten the Macedonian centre while being harassed by the Sogdian horse archers (sadly to no avail).

Alexander bravely leading his troops at the bitter end.

Time to pick up respective offspring from places of hopeful learning stopped play.  It would have been a Roman victory, although at this stage the Macedonians were slightly ahead in points.

It was a great victory for my movement trays.

We were back playing version 1.0 of FoG.  We had to look up about half a dozen things in the rules during play and had a few other anomalies we settled amiably by die rolls.  An enjoyable game that saw plenty of action and all just about all units engaged at some point or other.


  1. I'm not a fan of FoG but I do appreciate and respect guys who put in a lot of hours designing rules...

    This is what I like to see...lots and lots of pictures of notch battle report...I like the CD idea very clever..

    The painted miniatures look like to me, by Tin Soldier?


    1. I used to be a WRG 7th Edition player, but apart from DBA which i love, I never took to DBMM. FOG fills the 7th Edition gap.

      Yes, they are Tin Soldier figures making up the Macedonians. They have character.

    2. yea..I don't like DBM/DBMM love DBA with modifications :o) and I do like Commands and Colors Ancients rule sets using miniatures without hexes.

      I painted 15mm Tin Soldier in the past, great figures.

  2. Lovely BatRep, I also play 1st edition and must get another game in soon, thanks for the prod


    1. Thanks, it's a bit one sided, but that's the nature of my blog :-)

  3. fantastic game, really enjoyed it. I think this is the first time I have managed to beat a pike army with my Romans, lot of lessons learned. Movement trays worked really well, guess what I am going to be doing this weekend?

    1. Excellent. Good start for the new venue as well. Pity we ran out of time.

  4. just looking through your pics and I was right, I was a unit short! you would probably have won quicker if I had my whole army out. :)