Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wings of Glory - NWS Games Day

In between rushing about yesterday I was able to get two games in at the NWS games day:

First up early World War One engagement between three Airco DH2s flown by Stephen and Steve and a pair of German scouts, a Halberstadt CL.II and an Albatros D.II, flown by me.  All from Stephen's collection.

The Halberstadt (red and yellow stripes) gets one of the DH2s in its sights.

A short burst sets the DH2 on fire.  (Note:  The burning town in the background was just for visual impact).

A proper dogfight.  

We were playing with the altitude rules but after a while all settled down to the same level.  Except for perhaps scenario set up and escaping when damaged, I'm not sure the use of altitude is very helpful.  It can easily be dispensed with.

One DH2 down and the Albatros has another in its sights.

But it ends badly with the Albatros last seen on fire and flying off in the distance.

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