Monday, April 21, 2014

Prussian Napoleonic Uhlans - 3rd Brandenburg

This was also part of my Christmas haul, although I would classify them as used (possibly even well used).  I um'd and ah'd over whether they were regular or landwher.  Originally they had yellow facings.  Prussian lance armed cavalry uniforms being in an advanced state of flux at the end of the Napoleonic wars they could be taken as all sorts.

However with the aid of Rafael Pardo's post:

And the great work done by Paul Alba:

I settled on repainting them as the 3rd (Brandenburg) Uhlans.

The figures were already painted, not sure if they were by Dragon Painting Services as the technique looks different.  I left the horses alone and concentrated on painting facings and patching up chips and straightening lances as well as the standard rebasing.  They have come up a bit glossy in the photos.  They make an interesting comparison to Paul's figures which appear much cleaner (my guys lack facial definition for example) and Paul has done an excellent job on the buttons.

I had on guy with saddle sores, but it just didn't look right so I pried him off and re-glued him.

Getting lances straight is hard work.  I've given these a double coat of PVA glue to strengthen them as they had seen a lot of bends.

Getting the figures to "sit" on the horse had also been a battle.


  1. All of your 'battles' were worth it Mark, they look grand!

  2. Thanks James, they will look good on the table. Sadly they are surplus to the next battle (I could run them as Landwher, but that would be an insult to this veteran unit and I'm sure would offend the dice gods).

  3. they came out nice Mark, I always find it hard to touch up other peoples figures, a fine finish you got there.

  4. A great unit... Maybe they win battles for you!

  5. A very nice looking unit, always impressive on a battlefield!

    1. Thanks Phil - big battle is coming up (this time next week all being well).