Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Russian Napoleonic Infantry - Dniepr Musketeers

My second unit of Russians now rebased and with a new flag.  Same story as the last lot. Just tried some different background shots for this post, as well as some of the tried and trusted pictures on my "parade ground" (which is actually mt DBA game board).

Now it is on to late war Russian Grenadiers.  Researching their flags is doing my head in so I think I will just go with the most flamboyant ones I can find.


  1. Nice figures SoY, feel ur pain on the flags!

  2. Hi Mark - graham from GMB is often a great source of info on the various flags of the Russians in this complex period. Maybe drop him a line via the website.

  3. Thanks Paul and thanks Carlo.

    The Warflag site is amazing; challenge then became too much choice. So I printed out a preferred set and sought the opinions of my household... The flags of consensus will be flown in a future post :-)