Saturday, April 12, 2014

Punic DBA

It wasn't planned, but our DBA games on Friday took on a bit of the theme of the Punic Wars.

The Romans started it (this time round).  Here we see them attacking Saguntum.

After taking the BUA, the Romans, II/33, go on to defeat the Iberian Spanish II/39(a).

Our second game became the Battle of Trebia, with the Romans, II/33, with the river at their back facing the Carthaginians, II/32.

Hannibal was able to fight the Romans in the woods and secure victory.  Not shown in the photo is a band of Numidian Light Horse moving round the Roman left flank (lower right hand corner) having successfully sneaked through the forest. 

Two games in two hours.  All figures from Mark's collection, but most of the terrain was mine.  The material for the river was made by cutting up a piece of non-slip fabric when we realised we need a waterway for the littoral Carthaginian defenders.  The length was a perfect 600 mm and we just took a 600 pace strip and then cut a wiggly line up the middle thereby producing a waterway for each of us.  Nothing like improvisation on the spot.  I have been without a waterway forever (lots of ideas, but never got around to actioning any of them).


  1. Nice looking little games Mark.
    I'm not familiar with those rules. What were they, DB something? Two games in two hours, they'd be suitable for a teenager's attention span, if only they were on a computer...!!!

    1. Ah, you'd be thinking of Pubic DBA. We won't go there.

      You can play DBA online although I haven't and it would defeat the purpose (I want to play with figures).

      The important thing was on the day we played these to games we also got in Sails of Glory and Wings of Glory.

  2. You should ignore such silly comments Marc, although with material like Pubic DBA, I can see why you did not!