Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yakkity Yak

My second game at the NWS Games Day.  This time I took a pair of Yaks against a ME109 flown by Steve and FW190 flown by Stephen.

I kept my Yaks together hoping to get some combined damage on the enemy, but ...

One Yak down to the Fockewulf.

Last Yak down to the Messerschmidt.

Well, a quick game is a good game.  The hitting power of the WW2 planes is pretty awesome compared to the WW1 counterparts.

The Yak on the gimbal was mine, but all the other models were from Stephen's collection.


  1. Is it 'cause you needed to be more aggressive in WWII aerial c.f. WWI, or your good selection of hit cards on Stephen's behalf?!

    1. WW2 has you draw chits out of a bag. You are picking out more and they have higher value, but the damage the plane can take is not that different to the WW1 fighters. Result - if you get hit you can get hit bad.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. It is those playing mats. We had four in use. Just need to have a blue sky background we can use for different photo perspectives.